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Day 64 (16/06/16) Log

FOOD (Day forty-six of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First meal at 1.10 pm – This actually takes my intermittent fast from yesterday to over 21 hours! Woohoo!💃 I did it coz I could do it today somehow – that’s all. It isn’t always the case but today I sure managed it and thereby made up for the somewhat rich meal I had as lunch yesterday. This may sound like that joke about a balanced diet being a cake in one handy and candy in another, but I would like to believe that it reflects on how cognizant I have become of overindulging and how much concerned I am about balancing it by changes in subsequent meals & exercise. Anyway, a long fast only meant a good lunch was in order and since I was out, I chose my favourite vegetarian thali joint today because one gets a great variety of traditional healthy veggie dishes there. Today I enjoyed small helpings (that is typical of a thali) of tomato saar (which is like a tomato ginger soup), undhiyo (mixed veg dish), mutter usal (green peas dish), apple-cabbage-green mango salad, smoked aubergine in yogurt, moong dal filled paratha, steamed dhokla, cauliflower rassa among other usual suspects. To finish, I again opted for the flàn-like kharwas which is rich in immunoglobulins and milk proteins.


Tea @ 5pm – A cup of green tea with honey. A solo pack of nutty raisin biscotti with it. This may look bad but just to give you some perspective – I am the same person who sat with a tin of biscuits at every tea time and munched her way through a sizeable portion of it with her daily cuppa just two months ago.


Last meal @ 6. 15pm – A bowl of my leftover chicken stew. To give it company, rustled up one of my favourite accompanying dishes which is both simple & sexy: blanched french beans sauteed in garlic, EVOO & seasoning and sprinkled with cheese. Just look at that beautiful plate!😘



It was an awesome day food & exercise wise. Consequently had superb energy and drive to pursue the following.

• 55 min walking

• 85 squats

• Did a highly combustive “Tank Top Arms Workout” 💪 which was composed of 7 compound exercises done with light dumbbells for at least 50 seconds each:
√ Toning trio for arms, shoulders & chest which included raises & rows type of movements
√Bicep curls with two hooks
√Reverse fly pulses (lord this was tough although it looked the easiest)
√Chest squeeze with overhead press
√Windmill plus tricep extensions
√Arm circles
√Single arm flys

•Was on absolute fire after the above and also on such an impossible high that decided to put in one set of the following with 1 kg dumbbell in each hand (20 reps each):
√Lateral shoulder raise
√Front shoulder raise
√Bicep curls
√Tricep extensions
√Chest press

•20 Dumbbell swings (5kg dumbbell)

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Day 50 (02/06/16) Log

FOOD (Day thirty-two of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First meal @ 1 pm : I last ate a full meal at 3:45 pm yesterday so it was actually almost after 21 hours that I had this meal! Am incredibly happy that I could do so without mad hunger descending on me at any point – such are the wonders of IF. The reason I did so was because I had a thali luncheon to accommodate today so wanted to enjoy it properly. It was a superb spread today including one of my favourite Gujarati dishes called undhiyo which has mixed veggies cooked with coconut etc. Plus there was dal-kairi (the lentil-raw mango dish) which is amazingly fresh to taste. Also included was a babaganoush-like dip which has smoked eggplant mixed with yogurt. Ended the vegetarian meal with the usual Kharwas, one of my favourite maharashtrian desserts which is much like pannacotta – light, undersweetened and refreshing. This was a beautiful lunch which I enjoyed heartily.


Snack @ 4 pm : Some litchis.

Last meal @ 6:15pm : Two toasts cut up in triangles and topped with baked beans and a mix of pepper-onion-tomato-cheese. A cup of green tea to give it company.



45+ min of walking

15 squats. I plan to increase squats by 5 every day so that I have meself a modest 30-day squat challenge of my own by the time June ends.

15 kettlebell swings using a new 5kg dumbbell.