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Day 95 (17/07/16)

Sunday Recap

FOOD (Beware – it was a burger, pizza and sweets day!)

Brekky @ 8 am – Black tea, biscuits, half a cold paratha and two cold mutton cutlets.

Pudding @ 11 am – A bowl of warm rice pudding. A few wafers before that.

Chickpeas @ 12 noon – A bowl of chickpea potato stew.

Burgers @ 2 pm – A mutton whopper from Burger King.

Pizza @ 7 pm – One and half slices of three different kinds of pizza (basically half of three slices we bought). A rasogolla and sandesh later.


Last day of nothing. Getting back on the wagon tomorrow. Enough recuperation has happened. Am eager to try out my new dumbbells (bought 2 kg and 3 kg pairs recently – now own 1, 2, 3 and 5 kg pairs which should see me through a tonne of exercises).

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Day 60 (12/06/16) Weigh-in

First thing first, am down 2.86 lbs from last week which takes the total (documented) weight lost to 14.33 lbs. I am now within kissing distance of what I weighed 5 years back so my perspective on this weightloss journey – that just 60 days of care could wipe away 1825 days of neglect – has been made much broader through such humbling realisations. It is amazing how loving and forgiving our bodies can be and how ready to respond when we show it a little respect. The non-scale victories have been even better especially inches lost as measured by my getting into previously tight clothes with ease now and how much more flattering my entire being looks and feels. Atta girl and keep going to self I say!

Here is the log for today:

FOOD (day forty-two of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

Brekky @ 11:15 am – A glass of warm water with lemon & honey. Two slim slices of the leftover awful pizza (left panel pic) from the other day that I juzzed up and transformed (right panel pic) with mushrooms, peppers, sprouts and onions. A granny smith apple with peanut butter for company.



Snack : Makhana or foxnut

Lunch @ 1: 15 pm – Ate some of the leftover rice & aubergine subzi from yesterday but 1/3rd the quantity. Did take a few wafers with it for the crunch.

Dinner @ 5: 15 pm – Two buttered toasts cut up in triangles with a freakishly delicious hash I made with ham, leeks, mixed peppers, two kinds of mushrooms (oyster and button), onions, garlic, a wedge of cheese and a glug of milk. Downed it with a cold press guava juice. Super divine meal made in 15 minutes flat.



• 45 min walking (and if anyone is counting, a ton of dishwashing after)

• 65 squats (which incidentally I realised I had missed doing at 11:34 pm when I had retired for the night! But not one to mess up the progress of the month long challenge, I actually jumped outta bed the second I realised the oversight and proceeded to do them squats in front of my dressing mirror to the open-mouthed amazement of a terribly somnambulant but much amused, much proud husband😂).

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Day 58 (10/06/2016) Log

FOOD (day forty of intermittent fasting)

First meal @ 11:25 am – The veggie hash-like pasta from the other day (the one with the bounty of mushrooms, carrot, onion, zucchini, lettuce, spinach etc).😇 Some pan grilled chicken on top. Makhana for company.


Last meal (Part 1) @ 4:15 pm – Had committed the big mistake of watching a cake challenge episode on Masterchef Australia in the morning. So kinda nurtured a raging craving for a slice of good cake the whole day. 🍰😍 Landed up at this neighbourhood coffee shop located in a bookstore around 4pm in search of the said cake coz I have one of my favourites here. Pronto ordered their carrot cake and a cottage cheese & veggie pizza 🍕 which i have had many times before. The regret is not about the cake because it was beautiful and delivered spectacularly on its promise – warm, fudgy and comforting. Plus i shared it with hubs so ate only half the slice. Nothing to make me feel sorry till this point. The disaster was the pizza – I don’t know what was wrong with the rookie chef who rustled it up because it was nothing like the thin-crust rectangular beauty they usually serve under that head. This one was too cheesy with watery toppings and an underdone base. But here is the silver lining – i took the slimmest slice and decided it was too awful to sacrifice today’s calories over. Hubs ate two slices and came to the same conclusion. We did get it parcelled coz we simply can’t waste food – i will attempt to repair & restore it to some kind of edible tomorrow and give it another shot.


Last meal (Part 2) @ 4:45 pm : Since we were still hungry and now also sort of angry at the pizza fiasco, we stopped by our usual street food outlet and shared a cut dosa (a lentil crepe) with a delicious potato filling and an excellent coconut chutney as the dipping sauce. This calmed us substantially. Hubs ordered a bhel too. I took a few bites from his bowl coz the peanut & raw mango garnish on it was just irresistible.



• 45 min pacy walking

• 55 squats

• 10 minute high intensity arm circuit (using 1 kg dumbbells) involving four basic exercises and their sub-variants and quite a few reps in total. These included:
  i) Arm curls: 25 posture curls +10 roll ups from halfway position+ 10 curl backs to the same position
  ii) Bicep curls: 30 alternate arm bicep curls (fast tempo) + 10 rotator cuff moves from halfway position + 20 both arm bicep curls
  iii) Tricep Extensions: 25 bent over tricep extensions + 10 pulsing up & down in the extended position + 30 bent over alternate arm fast tricep extensions
  iv) French Press : 30 french press + 30 lie down press ups + 40 alternate arm tricep press + 20 french press