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Day 111 (02/08/16) Log

FOOD (day ninety-four of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First meal @ 1:30 pm – Chinese takeout : chicken noodle soup, veg manchurian, veg schezwan noodles and chicken lollypop. A choco chip cookie after.

Last meal @ 5 pm – Some remaining forkfuls of my lunch plate which I hadn’t been able to finish. A small bowl of cold milk with oat & bran flakes, walnuts & dried mixed berries.


√ 20 min+ on the elliptical trainer

√ An arm workout composed of lateral raises, front raises, arm curls, bicep curls, chest press and tricep extensions. Used 2 kg dumbbells and did 2 sets of 10 reps each.

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Day 110 (01/08/16) Log

Monday Recap

FOOD (day ninety-three of 16 hrs intermittent fast)

First meal @ 1 pm – Had a lunch buffet to attend. Stuck mainly to salads & protein starters (fish, chicken, mutton) although did enjoy a sampling of the mutton biryani and the desserts including jalebi, ice cream and langcha.😜

Last meal @ 5:45 pm – Two chicken satays with peanut sauce, half a pear, some pomegranate rubies, a plum and a wedge of cheese.


√ 15 squats

√ 25 min elliptical trainer

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Day 109 (31/07/16) Weigh-in 

Sunday Recap

Lost 0.9 kgs (1.984 lbs) from last week which takes the total weight loss so far to over 10 kgs (actually 10.1 kgs overall which is 22.3 lbs). I doubt if I have ever lost that much ever in my life before so it is a definite source of quiet comfort and encouragement. But like most things valuable and meaningful in life, the result is slowly achieved (as it should be) & is heavily processual and hence the everyday of it is rather non-glamorous and unremarkable – need to keep reminding self of that so that I continue with all the seemingly ordinary daily habits that make for a fitter, healthier body if I desire to see even better results in the future. 

Here is the log for today:

FOOD (day ninety-two of 16 hours intermittent fast)

Brekky @ 11:10 am – Two griddle toasted masala mash sandwiches and one apple.

Lunch @ 1:30 pm – Capsicum potato rice and palak paneer from yesterday. Some pumpkin potato fries with it.

Snack (at various points in the day) – Two pods of tamarind, a 25 gm Snickers bar, some wafers, a single chunky chocolate chip brownie, a plum and some pistachios

Dinner @ 5:30 pm – Leftover palak paneer & pumpkin fries with sabudana papad. Was hopelessly hungry after this measly meal but somehow managed to not eat anything more. It helped that I was in a lonely bored grumpy contemplative mood so I simply didn’t exert more and even went to bed real early. 



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Day 96 (18/07/16) Finally back on the wagon

Monday Recap

It has been more than a week of suffering from the worst flu I have ever had. Perhaps they all seem the ‘worst’ but this one was quite paralysing. The torture was not just grappling with the high fever, chills and rigours but also the mental agony of not being able to exercise, not being able to follow my diet pattern, not being able to cook what I wanted to etc. I had worried about weight gain too but I actually lost a kilo last week which I seem to have maintained without gaining or losing anything this week. I am still feeling weak and my tonsils have not healed (pus in the crypts is what they call it) but I needed to get back to the routine today if I wanted to reclaim my sanity. I restarted the 7 pm calorie curfew today and will intermittent fast 16 hrs to 11 am tomorrow like I usually used to do. There has been a derailment in my strength and progress, true but I am gonna keep my chin up and head high and just stay on the course, looking ahead. No option but to crawl back on the wagon.


Brekky @ 10:30 am – Two egg salad sandwiches (one with brown bread and another with what they are calling vitamin bread – dont ask), some extra salad (lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, seasoning, boiled eggs) on the side, wafers and a cup of tea. A prune and mixed seeds after.

Lunch @ 1:45 pm – A beautiful home cooked spaghetti with mixed peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes and chopped up chicken seekh kebab. Half a sandesh later.

Coffee & Grub @ 5 pm – Was at my usual cafe hangout in the evening. First had a mocha and half the plate of toast with zucchini & babycorn in cream sauce. Then the boys there served me a complimentary latte. Gosh, am gonna be inconsolable when it shuts shop a few weeks down the line. A bar is gonna replace it. Damn!


57 min Walking – Lord I was so happy to return to physical activity after being laid up in bed for so damn long I thought my muscles would atrophy. Didnt have stamina but had loads of steely will so trudged longer than my usual quota.

Arm routine – Didnt truly have the strength for it but had been itching to try out my new dumbbells of 2 kg each so decided to put in one set of 15 reps of the following – lateral raises, front raises, bicep curls, arm curls, tricep extensions and shoulder/chest press.

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Day 92 (14/07/16) Log

Thursday Recap

FOOD (still no photos – a measure of my sickness I tell you)

Brekky @ 8:40 am : A banana and half a cup dry bhel.

Lunch @ 1 pm: Chicken wings, cauliflower paratha, keema paratha, half a brownie and tea.A bowl of rice pudding after 

Dinner @ 8:30 pm: Kadhi with potato-onion fritters. Only homemade meal I could manage today.



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Day 88 (10/07/16) Weigh in & Log

Sunday Recap

FOOD (day eighty of 16 hrs intermittent fasting) : Got up with a lot of energy today (check out one of the outcomes of which here) but it went sharply downhill post 3 pm when my developing flu decided to become full blown with a bad throat ache, high fever and massive chills such that I was largely stuck to the bed thereafter. My husband had exactly these symptoms yesterday so I am one day behind his flu cycle.Today he is better than yesterday so I am hoping I too will be better tomorrow although I realize everybody’s physiology is different. 

Okay then – here is the log from today:

First meal @ 11 am: Cumin rice, chickpea-potato stew and a vibrant chickpea salad with eggs, beets, carrots, capsicum, onion, ginger, coriander. A cup of black tea for company with two biscuits (same as below).

Last meal @ 4 pm: Leftover flatbreads & chicken curry from yesterday’s takeout parcel, a serving of the salad from above and a black tea fortified with the goodness of ayurvedic herbs, supposedly good for the condition I am in. Two small biscuits again for company.


Nothing obviously – am to be found shivering under the comforter for the rest of this cold wet day. Other than resting and/or suffering (as the case may be) can only do idle phone browsing today in the way of “activity”. 

Weigh-in result:

I weighed in 1.5 kgs down from last week which makes it 8.3 kgs or 18.3 lbs down from when I first weighed myself (24/04/16). Not too shabby I say! Something to take small comfort in while the flu ravages my being I guess.

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Day 87 (09/07/16) Log


FOOD (day seventy-nine of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

Brekky @ 10:45 am: Cucumber sandwich, wafers and a bowl of milk cooked oats with mixed dried berries (bought a new pack each of mixed berries & prunes from the mall yesterday) & cornflakes.

Lunch @ 1:30 pm: Methi-moong dal saag (fenugreek-lentil dry curry), lauki-aloo-bodi (bottle gourd cooked with potatoes & mini lentil dry dumplings), half a lachha paratha and one paneer kulcha (both Indian flatbreads) and murgh makhani (the last two were part of a takeout parcel). Some vinegared onion chunks on the side.

Tea @ 5:45 pm: Decided to skip dinner and instead enjoyed black tea with biscuits on yet another rainy evening.


√ 50 min walking

Arm routine (with 1 kg dumbbells) composed of the following: 

 i) Arm curls: 25 posture curls +10 roll ups from halfway position+ 10 curl backs to the same position

  ii) Bicep curls: 30 alternate arm bicep curls (fast tempo) + 10 rotator cuff moves from halfway position + 20 both arm bicep curls

  iii) Tricep Extensions: 25 bent over tricep extensions + 10 pulsing up & down in the extended position + 30 bent over alternate arm fast tricep extensions

  iv) French Press: 30 french press + 30 lie down press ups + 40 alternate arm tricep press + 20 french press

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Day 86 (08/07/16) Log


FOOD (day seventy-eight of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First meal @ 2 pm (hence almost 20 hrs of fasting): Ordered two mains and shared it equally with co-diner. One was a veggeti pasta (zoodles) and the other the house chicken roast with mash & veggies.

Coffee @ 3:45 pm: French press coffee, half an apple-cinnamon muffin, one buttered toast and half an omlette. Rest eaten by co-diner.

Last meal @ 5:30 pm: Chicken dumplings, chicken spring roll and chicken thupka with mushrooms & veggies.

None. Came back too late and too tired to do anything.So no exercise unless you count all the walking around in the mall. 

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Day 85 (07/07/16) Log

Thursday Recap

FOOD (day seventy-seven of 16 hrs intermittent fasting):

Brekky @ 10:30 am – Leftover wedge each of keema and cauliflower paratha with chicken satay, english breakfast tea, two biscuits, a slice of mango.

Lunch @ 2pm  – Mixed veggie pulao with light potato-potol (pointed gourd) curry, sauteed beans and cucumber slices. A glass of orange juice with it. A totally unnecessary indefensible binging on a small pack of wafers after (why o why?).

Dinner @ 6:15 pm – Cucumber sandwich, half a PBJ sandwich, half a pear, some pomegranate pearls, sauteed beans, one fried egg and a cup of green tea.


50 min wonderful pacy walk, some of it in misty rain. Hubs joined me on this rare mid-morning walk. We walked in a neighbouring goverment colony which incidentally used to be my husband’s first home as a child. All our walks in that neighbourhood come peppered with his excited recollections, very different to his otherwise justifiably jaundiced view of his growing-up years. We have taken to walking in this neighbourhood only in the last few months so his reminiscences of his childhood connected to this colony are quite fresh sounding even when I have obviously heard most of them before. The live presence of the locale makes a huge difference – to walk past a tree he used to climb, to walk past another he ate tamarind from, to walk past the soccer field he played at etc makes him garrulous the way he seldom is. It was kinda cute when he tried to excitedly explain to the otherwise disdainful me :roll:😎 at great lengths some silly game he & his friends used to play especially during the rains, as if we had newly met each other – well, in a way we had because I actually hadn’t heard that story before. Am therefore posting a random collage of three rain-washed verdant stretches we walked today. 

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Day 84 (06/07/16) Log

Wednesday recap

FOOD (Could fast only 15 hrs overnight on day 66 of intermittent fasting as we wanted to enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet that the hotel we were staying at offered to its guests before 10 am):

Brekky @ 9 am : Huge brekky, full of eggs, bacon, breads, fish, sausage, fruits, tea, coffee, juice, baked goodies, you name it.

Snack: A few cheetos, two pods of tamarind and a mango.

Dinner @ 5 pm: 1 Keema paratha (mince meat flatbread), 1 cauliflower paratha and two chicken satay sticks with a variety of dips/sauces including mint chutney, pineapple chutney, yogurt, peanut dip etc.


Nothing. The 60+ hours of power outage exacted a mental toll on me besides the obvious inconvenience in my work & running a household. The beautiful bed at the hotel (see below) while inviting & comfortable didn’t bring me any sleep because of a curious mix of anxiety (at the power cut) and exhiliration (at the sheer comfort & fun of a hotel vacay). I felt quite drained on returning home (electricity was back but wifi was down so I had a new worry to deal with) and decided to not exert more mentally or physically.