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Day 109 (31/07/16) Weigh-in 

Sunday Recap

Lost 0.9 kgs (1.984 lbs) from last week which takes the total weight loss so far to over 10 kgs (actually 10.1 kgs overall which is 22.3 lbs). I doubt if I have ever lost that much ever in my life before so it is a definite source of quiet comfort and encouragement. But like most things valuable and meaningful in life, the result is slowly achieved (as it should be) & is heavily processual and hence the everyday of it is rather non-glamorous and unremarkable – need to keep reminding self of that so that I continue with all the seemingly ordinary daily habits that make for a fitter, healthier body if I desire to see even better results in the future. 

Here is the log for today:

FOOD (day ninety-two of 16 hours intermittent fast)

Brekky @ 11:10 am – Two griddle toasted masala mash sandwiches and one apple.

Lunch @ 1:30 pm – Capsicum potato rice and palak paneer from yesterday. Some pumpkin potato fries with it.

Snack (at various points in the day) – Two pods of tamarind, a 25 gm Snickers bar, some wafers, a single chunky chocolate chip brownie, a plum and some pistachios

Dinner @ 5:30 pm – Leftover palak paneer & pumpkin fries with sabudana papad. Was hopelessly hungry after this measly meal but somehow managed to not eat anything more. It helped that I was in a lonely bored grumpy contemplative mood so I simply didn’t exert more and even went to bed real early. 




40 going on 4. Woman. Educated. Headstrong. Weak-knee-ed.

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