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Day 111 (02/08/16) Log

FOOD (day ninety-four of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First meal @ 1:30 pm – Chinese takeout : chicken noodle soup, veg manchurian, veg schezwan noodles and chicken lollypop. A choco chip cookie after.

Last meal @ 5 pm – Some remaining forkfuls of my lunch plate which I hadn’t been able to finish. A small bowl of cold milk with oat & bran flakes, walnuts & dried mixed berries.


√ 20 min+ on the elliptical trainer

√ An arm workout composed of lateral raises, front raises, arm curls, bicep curls, chest press and tricep extensions. Used 2 kg dumbbells and did 2 sets of 10 reps each.

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Day 110 (01/08/16) Log

Monday Recap

FOOD (day ninety-three of 16 hrs intermittent fast)

First meal @ 1 pm – Had a lunch buffet to attend. Stuck mainly to salads & protein starters (fish, chicken, mutton) although did enjoy a sampling of the mutton biryani and the desserts including jalebi, ice cream and langcha.😜

Last meal @ 5:45 pm – Two chicken satays with peanut sauce, half a pear, some pomegranate rubies, a plum and a wedge of cheese.


√ 15 squats

√ 25 min elliptical trainer

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Day 109 (31/07/16) Weigh-in 

Sunday Recap

Lost 0.9 kgs (1.984 lbs) from last week which takes the total weight loss so far to over 10 kgs (actually 10.1 kgs overall which is 22.3 lbs). I doubt if I have ever lost that much ever in my life before so it is a definite source of quiet comfort and encouragement. But like most things valuable and meaningful in life, the result is slowly achieved (as it should be) & is heavily processual and hence the everyday of it is rather non-glamorous and unremarkable – need to keep reminding self of that so that I continue with all the seemingly ordinary daily habits that make for a fitter, healthier body if I desire to see even better results in the future. 

Here is the log for today:

FOOD (day ninety-two of 16 hours intermittent fast)

Brekky @ 11:10 am – Two griddle toasted masala mash sandwiches and one apple.

Lunch @ 1:30 pm – Capsicum potato rice and palak paneer from yesterday. Some pumpkin potato fries with it.

Snack (at various points in the day) – Two pods of tamarind, a 25 gm Snickers bar, some wafers, a single chunky chocolate chip brownie, a plum and some pistachios

Dinner @ 5:30 pm – Leftover palak paneer & pumpkin fries with sabudana papad. Was hopelessly hungry after this measly meal but somehow managed to not eat anything more. It helped that I was in a lonely bored grumpy contemplative mood so I simply didn’t exert more and even went to bed real early. 



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Day 108 (30/07/16) Log

Saturday Recap

FOOD (day ninety-one of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

Brekky @ 10:45 am – Aloo mash (with mild spices, onion, coriander and green chillies) bunged inside multi-grain bread and toasted on a griddle. A banana and green tea for company.

Lunch @ 1 pm – Capsicum tomato potato rice, aloo palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese & potato) and mixed veggie raita with pomegranate pearls that was a stunner to look at.

Dinner @ 5:45 pm – Absolutely rocking meal. Made some butter braised cabbage with chicken mince patties – easy and so satisfying.


√ 35 min walking – again cut short by rain

√A mini dumbbell workout coz it has been ages and I wanted to get back to it slowly. Did 1 set of 10 reps (using 2 kg dumbbells) consisting of bicep curls, lateral raises, front raises, tricep extensions and chest press.

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Day 107 (29/07/16) Log

Friday Recap 

FOOD (day ninety of 16 hrs intermittent fasting)

First morsel @ 11:45 am – One samosa while being on the move.

Lunch @ 2 pm – Chicken lollypop, murg mussalam (chicken in a mincemeat curry), two plain tandoori rotis and a Virgin Bloody Mary.

Dinner between 5:30 & 6:30 pm – A pear and two plums to begin with. A chutney sandwich, onion-cilantro-green chilly omlettte, sauteed mushrooms and some wafers.


√30 min walk – it began to pour heavily by the end so had to cut it short

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Day 106 (28/07/16) Log

Thursday Recap

FOOD (day eighty-nine of 16 hrs intermittent fasting):

Brekky @ 10:45 am – A pile of assorted paratha quarters (including aloo, keema & methi parathas – leftovers from the takeout I got for hubs last night) with chutney, some plain scrambled egg, milk tea.

Lunch @ 2 pm – Potol Aloo curry (pointed gourd and potato), chana dal pulao (rice with lentils) and sliced cucumbers. 

Dinner @ 6:30 pm – Sliced pan grilled chicken & caramelised onions between lightly toasted buttered brown bread and a cup of kiwi-papaya with some cream.



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Day 105 (27/07/16) Log

Wednesday Recap

FOOD (day eighty-eight of 16 hrs intermittent fasting):

Brekky @11am – One choco latte, half a croissant, half a danish, one buttered toast, half an omlette, half a hash brown at my neighbourhood cafe.

Lunch @ 3 pm – Chinese takeout. Veggie fried rice, chicken gravy and a chicken veggie soup.

Iced tea @ 4:40 pm – A plain iced tea at another cafe. Another one half an hour later.


√ 50 min walking – a modestly decent bit of exercise after days

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Day 104 (26/07/16) Back on IF

Tuesday Recap

Now that the period is almost over, am happy to report that I did not have any untoward blackout incident as I did the last two months. This tells me that adjusting IF (intermittent fasting) for just two of the worst days could take care of the plummeting that my vitals otherwise experienced during my chums, especially mid morning. Of course my stamina is still AWOL. If you find it, lemme know.

FOOD (day eighty-seven of 16 hours intermittent fasting): 

Brekky @ 10:45 am -A paneer grilled sandwich, a carrot-cucumber sandwich, two veg cutlets and milk tea.

Lunch @ 2:15 pm – Plain steamed rice and potol-aloo subzi (pointed gourd and potato curry).

Coffee @ 4:30 pm – A cup of milk coffee.

Dinner @ 6:15 pm – My favourite garlic sauteed tender beans, egg-bell pepper muffins and two plums. What a beautiful meal!


Believe it or not, again nothing! Someone come and slap my fatigued being with some badly needed verve. And I urgently need the sun to shine bright a few hours every day or else this cloudy constantly drippy wet weather is gonna drown me permanently I fear.

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Day 103 (25/07/16) Log

Monday Recap


Brekky @ 9:15 am – Three chillas (savory gram flour pancakes) with a crumbled paneer topping, a bowl of rice pudding and papaya.

Lunch @ 1 pm – Shared with co diner a veg au gratin, a grilled sole (with pea mash and tomato olive sauce) and a tabouleh salad with accompanying garlic naan bread and mixed flour bread. Downed my meal with their citrus cooler that had peach, kiwi, orange and lime 

Dinner @ 6:30 pm – Made a nourishing chicken veggie stew. Have a good mind to post a recipe for it soon. It delivered to me the goodness of chicken, garlic, carrots, beets, mushrooms, onions, potato, tomato, coriander and lettuce.


√ 20 measly minutes of a walk 😦 Was really disheartened to see I simply couldn’t do more – however, I do think it was because I was chumming and was not really too comfortable moving about. The good thing was that sun had broken through for the duration of my walk and I hungrily soaked in it, almost walking with my head facing heavenwards. Look at the pretty picture the slight let up in the weather made.

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Day 102 (24/07/16)Weigh in

Sunday Recap

Dropped IF today as well as a wilfully violated the 7pm calorie curfew – both to aid my body deal with the worst days of the period and avoid any blackout that ailed me the last two times. Just my bad luck that I have had to drop IF twice this month – the other time being when I needed to accommodate the heavy medicine course for my flu.Strangely though I manage to lose 0.9 kg from last week which takes the overall weightloss so far to 9.2 kgs or 20.3 lbs. I guess this is explained simply by me being sick and is more an aberration than a stable status because I should really be gaining, given that this month exercise has been hopelessly erratic while diet has strayed off IF twice plus I ate rather well (read sinfully) throughout to pamper self – dammit I even drank twice the same week. It will all rationalise soon so am not exactly celebrating yet.

Here is the log for today.


On getting up: A banana, a plum and a slim snickers bar so that I could pop a painkiller for my cramps and avoid any fainting incident unlike last time.

Lunch @ 1:40 pm – Dined at one of my favourite italian bistros in the city. Shared with co-diner a Spezzatino Solarino (a lamb stew) and Mailale Viddanazzu (a pan seared pork with bacon-rosemary Sicilian sauce) with two rounds of their warm bread basket. I downed my meal with Divine Fire (white wine, campari & orange slice). Look at the pictures and drool!

Snack @ 3:45 pm – Fresh tender coconut water.

Dinner @ 7:15 pm – This was eating out as well at a quaint old legendary Parsi establishment. We enjoyed Parsi style mutton shami kebab, mutton curry with steamed rice, chicken farcha (an egg coated fried chicken) and baked custard. I downed my meal with a small bottle of Ardeshir lemon soda – the soda company being of 1884 vintage!